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If you’re looking for a highly skilled and experienced kitchen design consultant in Melbourne, Rachel Collard of Co.Kitchens is one of the savviest kitchen creators on The Block.

Yes, pun intended. Rachel was one of the kitchen design consultants on Channel 9’s smash hit renovation show, The Block.

You won’t forget her work. Rachel worked with viewer favourites Norm Hogan and Jess Eva as their kitchen design consultant for their 2018 renovation project at the Gatwick Hotel.

Kitchen Design Consultant Melbourne

Not only did Rachel help them plan the glamorous contemporary design of the St Kilda kitchen, as a Melbourne kitchen design consultant, she also focused on the practicalities of storage space and placement.

Judges describes Norm and Jess’s modern Hamptons style kitchen as “one of the most beautiful kitchens ever produced on The Block” which has cemented Rachel’s reputation as a kitchen design consultant of note in the industry.

The Block judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer said Jess and Norm’s marble kitchen bench was “just so elegant, so luxurious”, and that’s exactly the sophistication Rachel was aiming for as their kitchen design consultant.

The chevron tiling also attracted positive praise, which Rachel acknowledged was part of the visual impact she envisioned as the team’s kitchen design consultant in Melbourne.


“You certainly got the ‘wow’ you were hoping for from Darren Palmer,” said The Block host Scott Cam in describing the showpiece marble island bench.

“Aesthetically this is a very, very sophisticated kitchen. It looks stunning,” said Neal Whitaker, whose opinion on kitchen design consultants is highly valued, both for his work as an interior designer and magazine editor.
Rachel says the shaker profile of the doors in stone grey served as a beautiful contrast to the stark white marble benchtop, but also played into the grey veins throughout the solid marble bench.

As the Melbourne kitchen design consultant, Rachel ensured that the butler’s pantry could be accessed from either side of the kitchen’s frontage, allowing for natural flow in the busy hub of the kitchen area.
A home automated kitchen tap, which activates via voice control using Alexa, also showcased the role that technology can play in contemporary design.

Kitchen design consultants like Rachel understand the importance of incorporating hi-tech products which can save time, space, and energy, increasing the functionality of the modern kitchen.

“We are the only apartment with voice automated plumbing and we hope that’s something that buyers remember, “said her client, Block contestant Jess.

Ultimately, the entire Block judging panel agrees that: “This is a kitchen that a lot of people are going to fall in love with.”


Rachel says that feedback was exactly what you hope for as a Melbourne kitchen design consultant.
“To say that your design is something that people are going to love – that it’s going to illicit an emotional response from a buyer, well that’s ultimately what we want as designers. That instant attraction is really important.”

The advice that Neal Whitaker gives to designers is to ”go with your gut, your heart and your soul.” “That’s certainly what I try to do as a kitchen design consultant – to create spaces that light up the senses and bring joy to every day living,” says Melbourne-based kitchen creator Rachel.

The testimonials from Rachel’s customers certainly attest to her unique ability to get clients to think differently about their kitchen design. That seems to be one of the key elements for an outstanding kitchen design consultant – unlocking new ways of thinking.

“We thought we knew what we wanted from our kitchen until we meet with Rachel and realised we had it all wrong. Her knowledge and design completely changed our thoughts. She was able to give us a beautiful design, perfect use of space and functionality and exactly what our family needed. When family and friends come over, we all congregate in the kitchen, chatting, eating and drinking. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who needs help with a kitchen, she definitely helped make our kitchen the heart of our home,” says Nivek Dunne.

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