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Kitchen Joinery Melbourne

Behind the scenes of every great kitchen, lies the expert craftsmanship of kitchen joinery.
For those not in the business of interior design, we’re talking about the cabinets, the benchtops, the shelves and storage spaces which come together to form the joinery design of your kitchen.

While it might sound like the boring aspects of the design process, Co.Kitchen founder Rachel Collard says kitchen joinery design is actually one of the most exciting elements of planning a dream kitchen.

“Kitchen joinery is really the structure, the bones, of your kitchen. And if you don’t get those foundations right, you’ll be left with a kitchen that disappoints. What you want is to come into your kitchen space and be absolutely thrilled with its look, function and feel – and much of that visual impact comes from your cabinetry and benchtops – your joinery design.”

As a guiding light for getting the most out of kitchen joinery design, Melbourne-based interior designers like Rachel believe in stripping back the design to its most basic elements, ensuring there’s thought applied to space, flow and finish in the construction of your kitchen.

What’s unique about the Co.Kitchen design service is that it’s dedicated to helping renovators unlock choice in joinery design, rather than see people be swept along by a builder’s direction.

“I definitely saw a gap in the market across the kitchen joinery Melbourne scene. Joiners often didn’t have a design branch in their business, or weren’t skilled or interested in the design detail required of every new kitchen,” she says.
The other pressing kitchen joinery problem she sought to rectify was around budget. After a decade helping customers plan kitchens, Rachel realised that when it came to a kitchen joinery designer, many interior designers and architects were unaffordable, leaving many renovators frustrated.

“Customers are often forced to use a kitchen joinery designer tied to their builder. I was really keen to open up that selection and empower clients to choose their own kitchen joinery Melbourne suppliers.”

Secrets of kitchen joinery success

Across the hundreds of beautiful new kitchens Rachel has co-ordinated, these are the secrets of kitchen joinery success she thinks every renovator should consider.

Fancy your finish

When it comes to choosing materials, be a bit ruthless. Rachel says it’s important to be completely in love with the finish, colour and material of your joinery design
“When you’re spending up to $50,000 on a kitchen, don’t settle for a look that doesn’t make your heart sing. A kitchen is going to last you many decades, so you want to commit to kitchen joinery that you’re really in love with, that you’re happy to wake up to day after day for many years.”

Easy clean

Everyone wants a kitchen that looks stunning, but the best kitchen joinery design reflects on the ease of cleaning. Ask your kitchen joinery Melbourne expert to explain the difference in materials when it comes to moisture and heat resistance, staining and cleaning to keep your kitchen in sparkling condition.

Size does matter

When you’re in the planning stage, Rachel encourages clients to map out the kitchen design to see if all your kitchen joinery is going to work practically, allowing you to move around with ease. That’s why size matters for your kitchen layout. A great kitchen joinery designer will consider the distance between the back bench and your island bench, clearance heights and door openings. Nobody wants to feel cramped. For the kitchen joinery, height and thickness of the cabinets is important, especially in relation to the entire kitchen. Getting those size details wrong can throw out the balance of your kitchen. That’s where the mathematical detail of kitchen joinery will help you nail function, not just fashion.

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